Friday, October 25, 2013

Wizard of Oz’s Cowardly Lion cake

Wizard of Oz’s cowardly Lion cake

Pumpkin Spice butter cake with cinnamon caramel buttercream

Front legs and tail and ‘filling’ are made with and sweetened ‘honey smacks’ marshmallow cereal treats. Yellow brick road and red bow are made with fondant and then painted with luster dust. Whiskers are angel hair pasta painted with extract and food coloring. Eyes, paw pads and toe nails are Ghirardelli dark chocolates

Monday, June 3, 2013

Congratulations 2013 Graduates!

8x8x2 square vanilla cake with strawberry filling and vanilla frosting. Fondant cap, tassel, diploma, circles, swirls and bow. The cap was filled in the inside with hot pink sand sugar and I wrote “Tori 2013” in black iridescent glitter gel. All of the frosting was sprinkled with peal flakes to give it some shine and then the whole decorated cake was sprinkled with rainbow luster dust. Congratulations 2013 Graduates!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shark Cake

Cub Scout Cake

Cubscout Rank Advancement and Award Ceremony

9 hours to bake
8 cakes (four double stacked with four layer of cake and icing per cake)
24 eggs
10 sticks of butter
5lbs of shorting
10 lbs of powered sugar
12 batches of icing
it must weigh 28lbs i swear

photos are little blurry and glossy, the cakes were neither blurry or glossy...and the color is a bit off, the green is more of a mint green

Sundae Cake

 3 layers of sponge cake, 2 fillings…from bottom: fresh chunky strawberry sugar cake, strawberry jam filling, triple dark chocolate cake, pineapple jam, French vanilla butter cake. Covered in neon yellow marshmallow fondant, with dark chocolate ganache, 3 "ice cream scoops" of butter cream frosting in vanilla, chocolate and fresh strawberry, then sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream and cherries! Happy Birthday Lis! I’m so glad you loved every bit of it and I loved making this ‘tummy ache’ for you!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patti's Day

Green velvet buttermilk cupcakes with rum butter cream frosting.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Over the Hill cake

Black and white cake with black and white frosting and a large green "hill" for over the hill.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I took a deep sigh and started to write this post. I can't even think of a title for it, my first thought was "$hit happens" or "fowl play", but as I type this I still haven't titled it.

I maybe was over confident? Even though I didn’t have as much time to work on this as I would have liked things were still going well, very well. I normally can point out all the things that I could have should have done or would do differently but I thought this cake was really coming out well.

 6 layers of french vanilla butter cake layered with milk chocolate buttercream frosting covered in hand piped dark chocolate feathers.  

 the head and neck are homemade rice cereal treats, then covered in white chocolate to "seal" the rice cereal treats into shape and make the fondant over lay nice an smooth (this was the first time I thought of covering it with melted white chocolate, not sure why this never dawned on me before as it really made it easy to work with and smooth). I built the head up to a round shape and covered the eyes with eye lids (should have taken photos without the hat, as i thought he had a good expression).


the 8 tail feathers and 6 wing feathers are all individuality hand shaped and I used various carving tools to get the right look to the feathers (including a few google images of what real turkey feathers look like). Then each feather was hand painted with food coloring and petal dust in multiple layers with a wet and dry brush technique to give it a closer to real look.

The tail feathers were then personalized with the guests names.

There are many fall leaves made from fondant or gum paste and all were lightly painted with luster dust. The acorns caps were stippled with the end of a carving tool and painted with simmer dust, the bottom of the acorn is fondant i mixed with corn starch to dry it out even more to give the right look to the bottom of the acorn, then each acorn was dry brushed with a dark brown and light black to give them a more real look.

The cake board was covered in frosting then covered in a smooth flat layer of crushed oreo cookies to look like dirt. I then sprinkled apple cinnamon crunchie things ( i found them a the bake shop they smelled so good) then then leaves and acorns.

 I "glued" it all down with lots and lots of melted chocolate candy melts to "glue" the feathers to each other so they wouldn't fall. I glued the neck to the body, I glued each leaf and acorn down. I carried it outside to the back yard where my son stood on the patio table to hold the white sheet up so i could take photos of it in natural light (as my favorite photographer is on vacation and my photos need all the help they can get).
then i moved it into the car trunk and all was well. I drove super super slow with my flasher on for the corners or bumps. people were passing me yelling - I had precious cargo people! made i pit stop to drop an item off a a place and checked on the birdy and all was well.
my son and I got to our meeting place with the clients and my son popped out of the car, i told him we are early no need to get out now, he said he wanted to check on the cake, he walked back to the front door with a horrible look on his face with tears in his eyes, I snapped at him and said "not even funny, don't joke" his voice cracked and he just shook his head I ripped off my seat belt and sprung to the trunk where I let out a very loud skelloch. I can only image what people around me thought of my son staring into the trunk crying and my scream.

Tom turkey die of heat exhaustion.
My 30-40min drive in 78 degrees outside was too hot inside the trunk for him. Tom didn't survive.

His head, beak, hat, tail feathers - all the parts i was worried about made it. all the parts i spent so much time working on to make sure they held up made was death by moist butter cake...

there was enough time for me to wipe my tears before they pulled up, and i kept my huge sun glasses on to cover my eyes. V and J are such great people, really really great. We talked for a while about any attempts at recovery but it was just too too late for Tom.
Thus in the end, we disembodied him and placed his parts one by one in their car (licking icing off our fingers and flinging huge chunks of cake and icing in the parking lot).

Thanks for being so understand V & J, I'm so so very sorry I ruined your family Thanksgiving center piece and dessert.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Giraffe cupcake tower

I totally forgot to post this at the end of August...

french vanilla giraffe cupcakes in giraffe cupcake liners with vanilla and chocolate fondant spots. Some have butter cream grass and candy chocolate rocks.

the Giraffe is fondant and rice cereal treats. (the stick under his neck was so the customer could travel 3 hours in a car without his neck falling over.) he is sitting on butter cream grass.

who loves giraffe's?

Happy 11th Birthday sweet girl!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Leave it to a soon to be 6 year old to stump me with cake design…adorable little Johnny wanted a Beywheel cake for his birthday. First I had to find out what one was…

(photo is awful)

After consulting so many people about how to do the tread for this cake as well as some of the other elements it was my husband who came up with most of the design elements to create a replica of this toy.

(here is the toy)

He suggested using a larger pan (like 14” pan – it was a big cake) so it was not as thick as a stand 8” or 10” round which is deeper. Then he and I and a neighbor and a co-worker all talked about the tread for days, after ideas about making it with frosting, fondant, carving it, using cookies dipped in red chocolate, using Twislers cut and placed into shape of the tread, finally it was the kit kat that was the winner. Cut and placed at the correct angle then iced…who knew tread would be so hard to come up with..

(ignore the shinny icing in the bad photo)

The “build up” center parts are made from marshmallow rice cereal treats covered in chocolate fondant.

The phoenix in the center was hand painted on free hand (which I hate – if it’s not centered or proportions are off the whole thing looks like something that should be on but this one came out ok. I used a liquid metal color used for air brushing (which I don’t have but was the best color match) mixed with a bit of light blue pearl lust and a lot of silver luster dust. It was hard to paint as the was no clear head on shot of the image so I had to replicate it best I could.

The bolts are chocolate cake bake in a micro mini muffin pan the iced.

The cake itself is chocolate with vanilla butter buttercream.

I lent them a rotating cake stand (that was flat, like a plate - not really a sand) so that the cake would “spin” like the toy ;o)

Little Johnny really wanted the candle on the Phoenix with his birthday candle ;o)

Happy customer…

Happy 6th Birthday!

10th Anniversary Cake

This cake was done for a lovely fun couple who were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.

 They wanted to incorporate a lot of different elements that they have shared together over the years onto one cake.

I came up with the theme of making a road that they have/would travel on and tie each of the very different elements into one unifying theme.



Part of the road is a little wonky and uneven but we laughed and said “well marriage and life is sometimes like that”

Many of the items were don’t in either fondant, gum paste or butter cream then hand painted with pearl or luster dust to give a them a bit of depth or color variation.

The cake itself was Italian butter cream with vanilla butter cream frosting. (cream cheese frosting would have been the best, but is not easy to decorate with..)


I gave them sparkler candles in the numbers "10" for the top.

The whole cake was sprinkled with rainbow disco dust for a glimmer shine.

Congrads to you guys!